Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Choosing The Right Portable Basketball Net

If you are interested in engaging in quality play and having the best performance in your residential hoops system, then you should consider the suitability of different kinds of nets. Some of the basketball nets you should consider include:

  • Nylon Nets: This material is popular because of its simplicity and convenience. Amazingly, you can also customize the net and also select from a variety of colors. Generally, white nylon nets create the same atmosphere like the ones used in professional leagues. One can also select from styles with unique flair and color combinations such as red, blue, and white. The good thing with nylon nets is that they are flexible and so don't have the same risk posed by chain nets. On the contrary, they get frayed easily and may not stand intensity of aggressive games.

  • Chain: These types of basketball nets are often used in outdoor courts. These are heavy-duty nets which are ideal for players who intend to engage in intense outdoor court basketball games. You can choose from a variety of heavy-duty and weather resistant designs style for outdoor court installation. The nets have a clinking sound unlike nylon which has smooth almost natural swoosh. They are attached in pretty much the same ways as their nylon counterparts. Sometimes, you will be required to get s-hooks for fixing them on the rim. Despite the fact that they are durable, chain nets certainly pose the greatest hazards should ones finger get entangled, so caution should be exercised when using them.

  • Cable Nets: These nets are created from a steel cable covered with a tough but flexible plastic which keeps the rust free and weather proof. They resemble the cables on bike locks. These nets are stiff and don't have the reassuring "swish" sound when the ball drops into the rim. Cable nets are ideal for portable outdoor basketball goals because of their durability.

Types of Basketball Rims

  • Standard rims: These are often fixed directly to the backboards. Any weight applied on the rim must be borne by the strength of bracket and bolts. Frequent dunking often loosens the bolts and erodes the backboard material. This is a good installation for children's hoops where physical contact is minimized by height limitation.

  • Break away: These are heavy-duty outdoor basketball rims that protect the backboard in case of a slam dunk. This is suitable for the charged or high intensity games where players touch the net and dunk on regularity. They incorporate spring systems which absorb the shock impact, thus, minimizing the extent of damage. However, they are quite costly and their suitability lies in the fact that they enhance the strength of a goal system.

The bottom line is that with the right combination of basketball nets and basketball rims to complete your basketball hoops system, you can enjoy playing the game all year round.

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